"Glen worked with us at New Lab, training my team and I, in special 3D Studio Max applications. It was hands down one of the most interactive and worthwhile software training sessions I have attended, and we left with having acquired a great deal of usable knowledge in a short focused period of time. I will definitely work with Glen again."

                                                                                                            - Marcel Botha, CEO at Spuni, 10xBETA, 10xSTART, was Glen's client

"Glen has been invaluable to our firm sorting out its technical difficulties in getting our 3-D capabilities to full efficiency. He uses a unique set of skills in IT troubleshooting, software deployment and training. He is quick to assess technical situations and begin diagnostic procedures. In additional he is an enthusiastic teacher, sharing his deep knowledge in 3-D modeling and design whenever he can."

                                                                                                                  — John Nagy, Director, Creative Strategy at TriComB2B,  was Glen's client

"Glen produced renderings for a very important presentation I was making, not only did he deliver on exactly what I was after, the final product exceeded my high expectations, met me demanding time line and cost exactly what he quoted. I would recommend Glen in a second."

                                                                                                          — Brian Stone, ARIDO, IDC, Stone & Associates Designers,  was Glen's client

"My company made a total transition from one 3D program to another beginning in 2012. Glen Whelden facilitated basic 3D training for many of our designers as preparation for that transition. After our designers had mastered the basics, we tasked Glen again with developing a much more comprehensive, industry-specific, customized training program for our company that would take us to the next level. This proved to be no easy request; our industry has very few direct parallels, and Glen had to immerse himself in our work and learn about our company before a truly informed training program could be developed. Throughout our work relationship, I have personally found Glen to be very caring and invested in our learning and success. He goes the extra mile by constantly making himself available to our entire design staff for individual assistance. Furthermore, the total cost for our custom training program has proven to be a surprisingly excellent value."

                                                                                                          — Andrew Clark, Corporate Environments Designer, Derse, was Glen's client

"The training was EXTREMELY beneficial. Glen was very flexible with us and everyone believed the training was very valuable. We gave him large, complex models and Glen taught the requested concepts on the fly. By the end of the training we were doing hierarchical animations with complex geometries. We look forward to working with Glen in the future."

                                                                                                                — John DeForest, MP&P Engineer, The Boeing Company, was Glen’s client

"Glen was my instructor for 3ds Max. His knowledge of the software is superb. He is extremely organized and well prepared. His enthusiasm for teaching is quite obvious. Glen has a great teaching style as well as a wonderful rapport with people. His talents for teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics are both truly superior. After viewing demonstrations Glen provided of his animation and design visualizations techniques using 3ds Max and other software products. I would not hesitate to hire Glen as an employee or consultant either as a trainer or provider of design visualizations."

                                                                                                          — Dominique Washock, LEED AP, was Glen's client

"Glen is a patient, thorough instructor who knows how to speak to students of all levels. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure his students grasp training, and is always willing to lend a hand when needed."

                                                                                                          — Karen A. Carnine, M.Ed., Training Specialist - Central & Western U.S., IMAGINiT

                                                                                                                     A Rand Worldwide Company, worked directly with Glen at IMAGINIT Technologies

"Taking this training class for Autodesk 3Ds Max has been a total blast. The training really opened my eyes to the software and it's utility. Glen is a very talented and intense person. I now have some hope to get some great results from this product via his training. I would love to study more, but it's back to work for me. Wish me luck. Thad Fransman"

                                                                                                                — Thad Fransman, Cad Draftsman/Vault Librarian, Quickdraft, was Glen's client

"I formerly worked as Glen Whelden’s manager at a leading Autodesk software reseller and Autodesk Training Center. Glen worked on my team as the lead trainer and implementer of visualization tools such as Autodesk 3ds Max. Professionally and personally Glen is a pleasure to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable about the media and entertainment industry and the technology used there."

                                                                                                         — Mike Choquette, Building Solutions Division Manager, IMAGINiT Technologies,                                                                                                                                 managed Glen at IMAGINIT Technologies